All you need to know about Re-keying

What is RekeyRekey Garden Grove

A rekeying service is the most common service rendered by locksmiths to both homeowners and automobile owners.
To rekey your locks simply means to change the old tumblers found in the lock cylinder to prevent your old set of keys from accessing the lock.
Simply put, it means re-coding of pre-existing locks to make them accept new key sets.
Many people ask about rekeying locks. This is a process a professional locksmith can perform that will render inoperative all previous keys that were issued or have fallen into the wrong hands.
In many cases the cost for rekeying locks can be less then throwing the old locks away and buying new locks.
A common mistake by a new homeowner upon moving into their new home is removing the very good old locks and purchasing inexpensive less secure new locks at the local home center.

Reasons for rekeying

A rekeying service is fast becoming a popular way to ensure the security of your property; this is not just because it is cheaper than having a new replacement.
You might opt for a rekeying service when you lose your old keys when your locks get bad or even when you are moving into a new home.
Several reasons exist why people may want their keys rekeyed; nevertheless, it is important to bear in mind that getting your locks rekeyed by a locksmith, is your best bet to getting the job done properly.

Rekeying process

The first step to rekeying a lock is to remove the lock cylinder from any housing that it rests in, you have to focus on the lock cylinder and the key pins that are housed within it as they are the main components that need to be changed and rearranged for the locks to be rekeyed.
Your next step should be to change the tumbler configuration, then proceed to cut new set of keys which will open the recently configured lock.
Common tools used for this process will include a catch tool, a key decoder, Kwikset top pins, precut keys, and tumbler sets.
If you are highly skilled, this process should be pretty easy for you, but if you are not a “handy-man,” then it’s best to use professional help.

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